How to be a brilliant Latin Dancer?

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How to be a brilliant Latin Dancer?

       If you want to be a brilliant Latin Dancer,in my personal opinion,you need to be familiar with Latin Dance. The origin of Latin dance is very complicated. Each dance of Latin dance originated from different countries, with different backgrounds, histories and development processes. However, most of them originated from America, and they are the fusion of three cultures. As a kind of sports competitive dance, Latin dance including the following five types: Samba, rumba, bullfight, Cha Cha, cowboy (Jiewu). These five kinds of dances are widely spread in both social occasions and sports dance competitions.Latin Dance is a sport that suit both the young and the old, not only it can build our body up ,but also it can help us to overcome our fears,make us to be more confident.Have a certain understanding of Latin Dance will help you a lot at how to be a good Latin Dancer.I have some personal advice at how to be a brilliant Latin Dancer are in the following:

     First of all,a good teacher that suit you can give you a big hand at how to be a good dancer.There are many excellent teachers in the world,however,you need to understand that you can not suit every excellent teacher in the world.So you have to find a excellent that fits you.A good teacher not only can teach you Latin Dance,but also can make friends with you.

    Next,be skilled at basic training with your hard work which be stick to them.As the saying goes, water drips through stoneEven the rain can drips through stone all the time. If you keep practicing every day, what can't you do?For our beginers, it's recommended to be focusd on the basic steps,which seems simple,but there are not many people can do it well. Don't think that the basic steps of several beats are so simple, which has a lot of knowledge inside. It's important to learn Latin dance steps to get that feeling.When we are dancing,the situation of our body can be devided to be three parts,which including upper body,middle body and lower body.There are different commend for the three parts.For the upper body,especially the shoulders should be still,which reflecting the dignity of Spanish people and is the essence of white culture in Latin dance.As the middle body, which including the waist and crotch, they should be tight and twist as much as they want, which shows the lively and outgoing characteristics of African culture. The requirement of the lower body is that the movements of legs and feet originated from Indian culture, and some of the steps in Latin dance originated from this.

     Then there is the speed. As we all know that Latin dance is very fast. Our fast body movements can immediately win the cheers of the audience. The faster the speed, the more difficult it is, but in some rotations and jumps, acceleration is essential.As far as our art concerned,the speed is only a technical standard, not an artistic standard.So is not a judge standard. At the same time,it will be better if we pay more attention to stability and coordination when we pay attention to speed. Often the faster you are, the more likely stability is to go wrong. An excellent dancer has good coordination for the change of movement direction, angle and position.           

    In addition, the tacit understanding between dance partners is not only reflected in the familiarity of the routine movements of the duet, but also in mutual trust, which is not only in the sprit, but also in the physicaly. Both partners should give the audience the impressive experssion that they are absolutely be sure of each other. The expressions on both sides' faces should not show the feelings of tension, fear and prudence, but should be full of confidence. The audience should not be afraid of the quality of the movements and the safety of the dancers. So you have to communicate more with your partner.Sometimes,many problem can be solved by communicating.So just talk more with your partner.           

    Last but not least, diligence can make up for shortcomings. When you don't have enough talent, diligence will be your biggest weapon. So practice hard and stick to it.Sometimes,it might be painful fot you,when your friends are go out for a movie or a shopping,but you just can practice dance alone and perspiration came down like raindrops.In the short period of time,you may lose some opportunities that to do entertainment activities which you used to spend a lot time on it,also you will be fail to meet your friends.But the pain is temperate,which the temperate pain can bring you more valueable things,you will be a better person,you will go to a better stage that you couldn’t image in the past,make a better value of yourself.And when you can do something for a long time, you will be invincible on the way forward.           

     It can not be better if the above suggestions in my personal opinion can give you some help.


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