How to be a good Jazz Dancer?

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How to be a good Jazz Dancer?

      How to be a good Jazz Dancer? In my opinion,you must have a clear idea of jazz.You will grasp the ture meaning of Jazz Dance when you actually understand Jazz Dance.Now let me have a short introduction of Jazz Dance. Jazz Dance.  Jazz Dance ,American Modern Dance,is a kind of fast and dynamic rhythm dance,is a type of open dance, It's not like the introverted dance embodied in classical ballet or modern dance.Jazz Dance is a kind of personal improvisation dance with creativity and motovition. It has certain characteristics, including improvisation and solo dance, among which the main characteristics of Jazz Dance are to give the crotch, twist the waist and the body in a wave shape。Jazz Dance is based on North American culture. Marshall and Jane stern pointed out in their Jazz Dance book "American popular dance story" that Jazz Dance is to integrate African and European traditions into the American environment. They point out that Jazz Dance has the elegance of European movements, as well as the traditional African style of fast and dynamic rhythm. Jazz Dance was originally an extension of African dance, which was brought to the United States by the black people who were sold as slaves in the past, and gradually evolved into a localized and popular dance in the United States.              

       Jazz Dance are mainly depart into the several types,including Classical Jazz、Ballet Jazz、Latin Jazz、Street Dance Jazz、Modern Jazz、Be-bop、FUNKY JAZZ and ACID JAZZ.In recent years,Jazz Dance as a kind of simple movement and low entry threshod dance is enjoy an increasing popularity in the world. Among them, Michael Jackson, the king of American pop music, is known as "the greatest artist in the world", whose artistic achievements transcend national boundaries. In his daily performance, he often performed in the form of Jazz Dance. At the same time, he created a lot of classic dance steps, extending a dance step that is popular all over the world. He named it: moonwalk.Jazz Dance not only can build our body up, but it also can help us to overcome our fears,increase our confidence,let us to be more and more confident.At the same time,it also is a kind of dance which fit the old and the young.The young can be more out-going and have a sexy body due to practice the dance,and the old can be exercised and meke new friends through the daily practice,which can avoid them to be Empty nester.

      I have some personal advice about how to be a good Jazz Dancer are in the following:

     Firstly, it's the basic dance skill. Dance practice and study are the same things to some contents, which means a person learn dance begin with zero,can have different train target at different stage.From the basic skill practice to learn action theory,and make our body get inertia through constant practice day after day.We must practice our basic skills for a long time and never quit it. The four directions of Jazz Dance, arm pressing, leg pressing, coordination and rhythm must be practiced day after day.You finished dance cant’ be good without constant practice.Dancing must have strength and control to relax. You can't rush for success, keep practicing your movements, keep listening to the music and find the breakout point. As the so-called perseverance, gold and stone can be engaged, an excellent dancer is forged by continuous practice and persistence.

     Secondly, emancipate your nature. Many girls are very shy when they first start to learn Jazz Dance. Those who study for a long time are very casual. The reason is very simple, that is, lack of self-confidence. I always feel that I'm just starting to dance. I'm sorry to move there, but it will be natural for me when I begin to jump for a long time  and feel that I've done a good job. What we have to do is to break the deadlock and free my nature. Every dancer comes here like this. Don't feel embarrassed. As long as you can dance and move more, you can learn it quickly! Don't underestimate this point. If you can't practice dance well, it's up to you to dare to dance. Some novices who just started to learn are very good. They are not afraid of their own bad jump, just jump. Just keep practicing like this, and your mood will be released and expressed through actions. You need to ask more, see more and listen more at ordinary times.cJust onsult more information to your friends.

     The last but not least, the body should contain the three elements of soul, sexuality and balance. The head, neck, shoulder, upper limbs and trunk should be bent, extended, rotated, circled and shaken. These words don't have the slightest aesthetic feeling in the literal sense, but they can be connected as smoothly as flowing clouds. Jazz Dance will make you more charming. Therefore, a good Jazz Dancer should not only have correct basic dance steps, but also contain three elements of soul, sexuality and balance in his body.

     It cant’ be better if my advice can give you help.

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