What can we gain from Dancing?

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What can we gain from Dancing?

     In the society of beware,parengts all hope their children will master a speciality,like play a instrument well,speak a foreign language fluently or master one kind dance. These are all for the sake of their children not lagging behind in the future which can cost them money and time.However,it is no that easy to let children really learn a speciality and let it developed into a hobby in the rest of their life.Just as the sayings goes,the secret of success is interest,and the development of an interest need more than what we can image.It not just parents’ support,also the determination of children is needed.Nowadays,many parents choose let their children learn dance,and what can we gain from dancing?

     In my personal advice,the following we we will learn.Writers express their feelings by pilling up word one by one,musicians express their feeling by note one by one,while dance as a  body language,it express our feelings by our body,and show ourselves with beautiful dance posture.The hurry dance step can reflect our happy mood,the slow dance step can tell our sad or blue mood.The beautiful posture is in the combination with our facial expression,which can tell our every motion.We can show ourselves better and better through our long time learning.Also the data shows,learning dance can promote our breath, enhance lung function and increase oxygen uptake, so as to prevent diseases more effectively.That is the reason why dance is a sport that is popular with both the young and the old,which can build our body up.And it reduce our negative energy and build our confidengce if we practice dance more and more.Furthermore,it also in the spirit of depression or tension, so that the body and mind can be vented and released, and then pass the positive energy to the society.Especially for the women,learning dance can help them can help them effectively delay aging. Beautiful limbs, flexibility and flexibility of limbs all exercise their body's coordination and adaptability. And there is no doubt that it will help them improve their personality. Every dance has its own temperament, no matter which one you study, there is a certain dance temperament will be reflected in you.           

     Next, learning to dance requires day-to-day practice, so learning to dance can also make you learn to persist and become persistent. As the saying goes, whoever has the will to go through hardships can achieve any purpose. The success of dancers is based on constant practice day by day, which includes hardships, sweat and many unknown sufferings. This shows the importance of persistence. Persistence can not only lead us to the places we want to go, but also accomplish the things we dare not expect to accomplish. This is also a great benefit that dance can bring us. When you can stick to something for a long time and do it consistently, there is no more difficulty in front of you. When you don't have enough talent, diligence will be your biggest weapon. So practice hard and stick to it. Sometimes, it can be very painful for you. When your friends are shopping or watching movies, you can only practice dancing in the dance room alone. In a short period of time, you may lose some of your favorite daily entertainment activities due to dancing practice, or you may not be able to meet long lost friends, but the pain is only temporary. You will get more and more value from this long-term self-discipline. You will become a better self, go to a better platform and create a better life value. And when you can do something for a long time, you will be invincible on the way forward.

     Furthermore,dance teaches us to keep improving. If we don't strictly require ourselves, we will let go of every movement almost. One month, one year, two years, you will see too many similar movements, and the dance is just a similar dance! We should keep improving when we learn dance movements. Otherwise, it is very difficult to correct the irregular actions. When excellence becomes a habit, you will benefit and achieve in the future.

Last but not least,learning dance also can give children a better communication skill.Due the reason of we could talk to our partner or teacher about our dance ,when we are practice or in the competition.A good communication skill can do a lot help in our life,can make us easily understood during the conversation,also can show our mind better and clear to other people.So communication is with a huge siginificance in our life.

     Learning dance, let us learn to grasp the rhythm, learn to show our strengths, learn to deal with our feelings, learn to think, learn to walk straight, learn to release ourselves, learn to move forward in front of difficulties! This is called dance, this is life! Generally speaking, learning dance is not only for children, but also for adults. Therefore, those who are learning dance should insist on learning. Those who have no understanding of dance can also try to understand it.

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