What can we gain from the Latin Dance?

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What can we gain from the Latin Dance?

       Nowadays,many students would choose go to interest class in their after class time, many of them are learning the Latin Dance,however many of the students are learning the Latin Dance with their parents’ force. In many times,they don’t have the idea of what can they get from learning the Latin Dance,probably due to the reason of they are too young to understand the meaning,they may think learning the Latin Dance is just a task which is given from their parents which they need to finish in time.The children can not view things in a comprehensive way,so this is exactly why the children need parents and teacher by their side.

     At first,about the Latin Dance,many people just know it is a kind of sports competitive dance,however,they don’t have the idea of it is been divided into five types,including:Samba, rumba, bullfight, Cha Cha, cowboy (Wujie). These five kinds of dances are widely spread in both social occasions and sports dance competitions.At the other side, The origin of Latin dance is very complicated. Each dance of Latin dance originated from different countries, with different backgrounds, histories and development processes. However, most of them originated from America, and they are the fusion of three cultures.Therefore,learning the Latin Dance can bring us to the world of multi cultural.

     In personally speaking,the Latin Dance is not just a kind of dance,it’s more like a spiritual realm,a mental state,a way of how to get along with the world appropriately,and a confidence reflect perfectly on the stage.When the beginners first learn the Latin Dance,they may hold the view of the steps are so difficult,the speed is too fast or the balance when dancing is so hard to master in and so on.Many problem will head above the water.You will think learning the Latin Dance is so difficult, you even will want to quit it.But with the time goes by,you will find out it is not that difficult as you think,once you thought it was a pwoblem, now it is not anymore,it even not worth mentioning now. All the things will bring you a kind of happiness which can only bring you if you are determined. This is what we get in mentally, not in substance.

     At the other side,the children practice the Latin Dance often can make their bent spine be straightened and they  will have good standing posture. It will be beneficial for their growth and development. Other data shows that Latin dance can promote our breathing, enhance our lung function and increase oxygen uptake, so as to prevent diseases more effectively.Therefore learning the Latin Dance is a sport which fits the young and the old.It not only can help us to build our body up,but it also can help us to build up our self-confidence and reduce negative energy.It can also  release the body and mind when we are depressd out or nervous, and then transmit the positive energy to the society. Especially for women, learning Latin dance can help them effectively delay aging and exercise their body's coordination and adaptability. And there is no doubt that it will help them improve their personality. Every dance has its own temperament, no matter which one you study, there is a certain dance temperament will be reflected in you.

     Last but not least,learning  the Latin Dance will give you a chance to learn how to communicate in a appropriate way,which will promote you skill of communicate with people,due to the reason of the Latin Dance is a kind of double dance,you need to talk more with your partner,to develop a tacit understanding. is not only reflected in the familiarity of the routine movements of the duet, but also in mutual trust, which is not only in the sprit, but also in the physicaly. Both partners should give the audience the impressive experssion that they are absolutely be sure of each other. The expressions on both sides' faces should not show the feelings of tension, fear and prudence, but should be full of confidence. The audience should not be afraid of the quality of the movements and the safety of the dancers. So you have to communicate more with your partner.Sometimes,many problem can be solved by communicating.

     Learning the Latin Dance,let us to grasp the thythm of our life,learn to show our strength,learn to deal with our feelings,learn to think.Also it make us to walk straightly, let us to realease ourselves directly,and make us aware of move forward in front of difficulties.This is called dance,this is the meaning of our life.In general, learning Latin dance is a good way of building our bidy up which not only for children, but also for adults. So nomatter you are learning Latin dance now or you just heard it , you should stick to it and it will be better if you can give it a try. And if you don't know anything about Latin dance, you can try to search its information on the Internet or ask your friend who knows about it.

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